Memory contents and malloc and free

May 23, 2015

You might have heard that malloc(3) and free(3) are not system calls, but in c standard library. This means that we can call malloc(3) and free(3) regardless of operation system, the local implementation either calls the appropriate system calls (in unix systems) or any other OS dependent functions (I have no idea what’s done in Windows).

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Usage of i18n with node.js and angular.js

Node and Angular separately provide great libraries to use i18n translation. But when developing a project, you probably need to use translation in both server and client side. Using separate libraries and separate translation files is not a wise idea and you might not prefer serving your translation file by whole in node for angular to use. So, you need to integrate them.

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Date Navigation With AngularJS

AngularUI provides us with a handy and customizable datepicker that lacks date navigation from outside. Sure, you can use a ng-model and change the data when necessary and the view will automatically be updated. But if you want to add buttons that add or remove 1 day, you need to write custom code.

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